Photo taken by the lovely Blush Sky Photography


The beautiful memories of a wedding.....

We remember when our very own wedding had everything in place. Our guests were smiling, friends and family were laughing together and having a great time! Food and drinks were a great highlight, but one thing was missing, GREAT COFFEE! At the time, we didn't even know this was even an option to have at a wedding. Sure, we have been to many weddings where they served regular drip coffee, but there was no specialty coffee in sight. Sometimes you just need an amazing flat white or americano before you head home after the celebration, you know?


Photo taken by the lovely Blush Sky Photography

So here is where we come in.

Every wedding we get to be a part of is completely customized for that specific day! If you would love to serve your guests with an endless affogato bar or provide everyone with a latte, we have you covered! Don't want espresso based drinks? Would you rather have a filtered coffee pour over bar? We can do that too! Need a cappuccino with a wee bit of Baileys in there? We got your back! We bring an entire cafe to YOU!


Photo taken by the lovely Blush Sky Photography

The possibilities are endless! Let's work together to make your wedding have that special touch!

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