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The Home Grown - Hand Craft Market is dedicated to supporting people and helping them accomplish their dreams in offering hand made goods, food and drinks, coffee, live music and a safe place for the community to exist. We are on a mission to provide as many platforms for people to express their passions and giftings, while on the same path, aiming to find a place to call home ( a single building ) where a regular marketplace can exist and offer that same platform.

We are about, and will always be about, supporting people in life and in business, creating a safe place for community to dwell, food to be eaten, coffee to be drink-in, music to be played, and good times to be had! This is our DNA, but we recognize that we are not perfect at it, but with the help of others, we can make this achievable each and every time!

Upcoming markets!

We are so stoked to announce the partnership with the Kelowna innovation centre in the beautiful downtown Kelowna area! So with that being said, our joined forces will bring incredible local hand craft vendors to the gorgeous atrium of the innovation centre on a regular basis starting June 1st, 2019! From there, we will be available every other weekend up to September the 7th as a start and ALSO starting our first night markets in July and August! How cool is that?!?!?!

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Please let us know which dates you are able to attend: June 1st, June 15, June 29, July 12 ( night market ), July 13, July 27, August 9 ( Night market ), August 10, August 24, September 7. OR, if you wish to attend all of them, simply type ALL OF THE THINGS in the field below! - Please note, the dates you request to book are the dates you are signing up to pay for. Upon approval, you will receive an emailed invoice to be paid the day it was sent. If the invoice is not paid upon arrival, you have not secured your spot for the dates you have requested to join us. Full refunds are on a case by case basis, but full refunds will be not be provided if cancellation occurs within 29 days of the event.. A 50% refund will be taken into consideration If a vendor cannot fulfill the booked and paid market date after booking but only if that said vendor can find a replacement vendor. It will be the vendors responsibilty to replace their spot with another vendor that has to be approved by the HomeGrown team. Then and only then will that produce a 50% refund of the vendor fee that has been paid for. These terms are bound to change over time, but by reading this and fulfilling this application, you are acknowledging you have understood these terms. For furthers terms and conditions, please read carefully below.
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HOME GROWN VENDOR POLICIES Home Grown - A Hand Craft Market Presented by The Local Chemist LTD Vendor Policies 2019 - Payments The full balance of your invoice is due at the time of booking. If your payment has not been received after one week from the invoice date, your spot will no longer be guaranteed. Payment must clear before market day. Please note that we cannot accept Paypal payments. Payments are non-transferable to another market date, as each event has individual associated costs that the Home Grown Market pays in advance - staff, rental equipment, marketing materials, promotion & distribution etc. - Refunds and Cancellations Notice of cancellation must be provided and confirmed by The Home Grown team and a minimum of 30 days prior to the event date in order to receive a refund of 50% and again, on a case by case basis. No refund is provided if cancellation occurs within 29 days of the event! If you book your dates at a discounted rate you will not be eligible for a refund in the event of cancellation. We will always do our best to accommodate a date switch, but cannot make any guarantees. Space sublets or transfers between vendors are subject to approval by The Home Grown Market team. If by any chance there is an ‘act of God’ that prevents you from attending the Home Grown Market, we can take things into consideration, but this does not guarantee a full refund. If you bring a table that is larger than 6X2.5’ you are placing yourself in a position to lose any chance of a refund. Larger tables cramp other tables and we lose space! Please dont be a debbie downer in this....! **Late Arrival Policy** Vendors MUST be present at least 1 hour before the doors open. If you are not present by this time your booth will be re-allocated and your vendor fee forfeited. - Promotion Responsibility When participating with Home Grown - A Hand Craft Market , vendors are expected to make an effort to promote the event via social media and word of mouth. Please help out by inviting your friends and family to the Facebook event @homegrownkelowna, and posting about the event on Instagram using @local_chemist and #homegrownkelowna ! Advertising the day before the event or just putting up one post on Instagram stories doesn’t help anyone…including yourself! It is not expected for vendors to have to pay for advertising via social media, but setting up posts for free on social media platforms of where you are going to be and at what times, is beneficial for you and your business. Booking any event with us acknowledges that you are held responsible for advertising the dates you are attending. The HomeGrown team will be doing everything we can in advertising as well, but every vendor is taking responsibilty of being a mouthpiece for the HomeGrown market! Help make it successful. - Tabletop Policies We have one category for bookings: Tabletop Tabletop bookings will fit 1 standard 6’ x 2.5’ table. All shelving, racks, etc. must fit on top of the table, additional fixtures (i.e. clothing racks, tables) are regulalrly not permitted, howver if examples are shown in example pictures, some exceptions may be permitted. TABLES MUST BE 6X2.5 because if they are larger, you are cramping on someone else and the Home Grown team can either ask you to not attend, which will forfeit your refund, or relocate you to a spot that you dont want to be. In the words of Captain Planet, “THE POWER IS YOURS!' *Please note that double racks are not permitted. The Home Grown Team staff will be on site during load in to support with booth configuration and answer display related questions. As you can imagine, The Home Grown Market events have many moving parts. Please be aware that you may be asked to re-configure or even move your booth if a cancellation occurs. Additional Policies Vinyl banners are not the direction that we want to go at the The Home Grown Market. DIY signage is encouraged. Any signage larger than 3ft. must be approved by The Home Grown team in advance. It’s not that we are hating on Vinyl banners, but if you have something hand made, that would be amazing! Vendors are not permitted to burn candles or use defusers or anything that can be burned inside any of the buildings that The Home Growm Market is a part of. All bags, boxes, and storage bins must be removed from view before the doors open. If you are using plastic bins as part of your display they must be covered with a tablecloth or blanket. Sharing is not permitted for tabletop bookings. We want everyone to be given a chance to showcase what they have, lets work together shall we? Requests for access to power, specific locations, and/or preferred vendor neighbours will always be considered, but cannot be guaranteed. You must let the Home Grown team know if you are needing power at the time of booking! All goods must be approved by The Home Grown team and/or The Local Chemist LTD, please provide a detailed and accurate idea of what you plan to bring in your application. The Home Grown market AND The Local Chemist LTD reserves the right to determine if goods are not suitable for the market onsite as well as in advance of the market. Vendors, products and table displays may be photographed while participating in the market. Photographs taken onsite, as well as any included in vendor applications, may be used for promotional purposes. Vendors are responsible for securing any/all permits, licenses, insurance, etc necessary in order to sell and/or your sample your products. Vendors are responsible for any consequences that may occur as a result of use or consumption of their products. If you do not have your licensing or insurances in place, you are stating that you are the only one responsible for any loss or damage done to you and/or your products. Vendors are required to ensure that their booth is staffed at all times during market hours. Early load-out is not permitted. **MLM ( multi-level-marketing ) AND OR PYRAMID companies are NOT PERMITTED AT ANY HOME GROWN MARKETS.**